Due diligence

We can offer to the Investor to make a prefeasibility study of the land to reduce the risk in case the land plot has specific features.

It includes:

  • survey of the external infrastructure;
  • underground communications;
  • land plot construction options;
  • heights;
  • built-up areas;
  • intensity of construction of new buildings.

Management of feasibility studies and design

  • Geodesy
    - Offers by 3 leading geodetic companies for geodetic surveying of the land, nearby streets, ravines etc.; - Draft contract (vorlage) to be signed with the winning bidder;
  • Geology
    - Offers by 3 leading companies which draft comprehensive geological reports (on-site boreholes, physical and chemical analysis of the samples); - Draft contract (vorlage) to be signed with the winning bidder;
  • Water and sewerage
    - Provision of the opinion of the respective water and sewerage system operator and conclusion of a preliminary contract with that operator at a later time.
  • Electricity
    - Provision of the opinion of the respective electricity distribution company and conclusion of a preliminary contract with that company at a later time;
  • Gas distribution
    - Provision of the opinion of the respective gas distribution company and conclusion of a preliminary contract with that company at a later time;
  • Phones and Internet
    - Calls to BTC (and to other fixed-line network operators at the Investor’s choice). Contract with the operator selected.

Management of permissions

  • Provision of offers by 3 construction supervision companies;
  • Contract with the winning bidder (vorlage)
  • Execution of project conformity report by the winning bidder;
  • Project coordination with the respective municipality;
  • Obtaining planning permission;
  • Project coordination with the health authorities and the fire brigade;
  • Coordination of external communication projects with all relevant services and authorities;
  • Selection of a construction supervision company and project conformity reports for external communications;
  • Obtaining planning permission for external communications;
  • Provision of protocols for construction line and elevation – the final document preceding the construction.

Construction management

  • Drafting a schedule for staging construction tenders and coordination with the Investor (generally, 20 to 45 tenders are staged);
  • Making a shortlist of potential bidders which the Project Manager intends to invite and coordinate with the Investor;
  • Preparation of tender papers, contracts, offers, etc. and coordination with the Investor;
  • Staging tenders (from 20 to 45) and recommending winning bidders to the Investor. Drafting of contracts with winning bidders, specification of annexes, etc.;
  • Drafting of rules for access to the construction site;
  • Construction site management, coordination between all participating construction firms. Coordination between construction companies, design engineers, supervisors and the Investor;
  • Proposal (offers) to the Investor by three or more security firms and selection of a company to provide security protection of the site;
  • Temporary provision of water and electricity to the site during construction works;
  • Measuring, reporting, producing acts and preparing documents for payment of construction and assembly works executed and accepted by us;
  • Checking whether terms, performance quality and type of input materials and equipment are in conformity with the provisions laid down in the contract and annexes to it;
  • Control of the prompt submission of all documents required – acts for hidden works, origin certificates, etc.;
  • Measuring, reporting and producing acts for completed construction and assembly works of contractors and preparing documents for their payment by the Investor, respectively refusing to accept poorly executed works and giving instructions for their repair or destruction;
  • Control over the proper execution of contracts and construction site budgets;
  • Organising weekly meetings with contractors, design engineers and supervisors (and with the Investor at his choice);
  • Preparing the documentation and summoning a State Acceptance Commission, obtaining Act No 16 and permission for use;
  • If the site is for sale or lease, the Manager may join the negotiations (talks on technical issues) between the Investor, Buyer/ Tenant, Design engineer in order to control the process on behalf of the Investor:
    - changes requested by the client,
    - redesign to suit client’s needs,
    - new coordination and approval of projects by government authorities,
    - corrections to the site construction,
    - corrections to the site completion deadline and budget.

Project management consulting

  • Proposing practical technical solutions gained through our long-term experience;
  • Creating a concept for Your Project as well as concept-related technical details.
  • Market consultations regarding real estate and their application.